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The agency you want is at the end of a lot of trial & error...

...unless you get help from someone who's already been there.

You started your business and it grew!

And grew. And grew.

And now you are overwhelmed with all the work.

The thought of having to say no to new clients - and their money - makes you cringe, even if you don’t have the bandwidth to take on anything new.

This is the point where someone tells you “you should start an agency” and that may sound simple enough.

But agencies have so many moving parts that can quickly spiral out of control.

And in order to have an agency that runs well and is profitable, you need good foundations.

You need a road map that you can tailor to YOUR agency.

Imagine having a master plan to grow your business into an agency. Then add in coaching support so you can put all the pieces together.

That is how you get out of the micromanaging and, well...

don’t lose your mind.

Whether this is the first time you are creating an agency or you want the foundations you missed the first time around, the steps are the same.

This is Get Your Agency Together

A 5 month group coaching program

to help you build your agency.

What's Included in the Program?


Module ONE: Welcome

Welcome to our community! We start with goals, values and why you are creating this business so we are on the road to creating a successful agency. This is where we started creating your Agency Plan.


Module two: Offers

A deep dive into offers. How can you make what you offer now work as an agency and what other offers can you add to grow your business.


Module three: Systems

We get to my favorite: systems! This is all about setting up the systems in your business so you can see what’s happening and delegate without micromanaging.


Module Four: Team

All about team and delegating. What do you need help with? Who do I hire? How do I onboard? Because without a team, this isn’t an agency.


Module Five: CUstomer

Mapping out the customer journey. How do you sell clients on the “we” as an asset when they only want to work with you? How do you make them feel loved when you aren’t in the day to day? Let’s keep those clients happy!

The program starts October 1st and runs through February.

To make this easy to manage around the holidays, you will receive all the materials for all modules at the start to work through at your own pace.

In addition, the coaching calls are scheduled around the holidays to give plenty of down time!

Student Feedback:

"I have been in coaching programs before and was let down with the amount of support I received. The amount of support and guidance in this program has been amazing.

My big "a-ha" moment was nailing down a clear niche and path, figuring out how I want my business and life to look like in the future, and knowing how to get there!"



The Get Your Agency Together

Group Coaching Program

is right for you if:


You have an agency But are stuck on foundations You Might have missed

“Working with Kelly has helped me overcome the biggest roadblock to my business growth - myself.

I was so stuck in the doing that I wasn’t able to clearly see a path forward and was paralyzed in indecision. Kelly helped me see what is possible for me and my business and helped me develop a strategy to grow an agency that was 100% aligned with my talents and vision. She kept me motivated to keep moving forward with the plan and her coaching has given me the confidence to step out into my own unique voice. The most valuable thing about working with Kelly was how she would help me take the million pieces floating around in my head and put it together into a clear picture I could take action on.

Kelly is the kind of coach who will truly hear you and give you the tough and honest guidance to help you grow.”

Joanna Neff - Blue Modern Media

As a member, you will get:

Access to The Training POrtal

This is the hub of the program where you will find video trainings on each month's topic, replays of the group coaching calls and lots of templates to use in your own business. Because, who doesn't like a good template?


two Live Group Calls a Month

Tons of live group coaching support so I can teach you how I have grown a successful agency, coach you through building your agency your way and answer questions as they come up.


A Private Slack Community

Community is so key to growth! This is the place to ask questions and share ideas and resources so you don't get stuck. Get answers to your questions in between calls so you don't have to slow your progress!



Who is this program for?

This is for you if:

  • you want to create an agency & get things set up right the first time
  • you have an agency but are stuck on foundations you might have missed.
  • you are an established business owner with clients (this is not Business 101)

What will I learn that I can't find for free online?

You could absolutely use free content and try to piece together advice from ten different people on how they grew their agency. There will be lots of trial and error and there is a good chance you will grow an agency that works for them, not you.

Instead we focus on creating the agency that works for your life with our process of focusing on your values and goals with the support of a small group coaching.

Is this program just live calls or is there more content and learning?

In addition to the 2 live calls a month, you will have access to our training portal! Each topic will have videos reviewing the concepts and exercises to work through. In addition to workbooks and templates (yay templates!), there is also a agency plan to complete as you go!

What are the payment options?

We offer pay in full or a choice of 5 or 8 month payment plans.

When does the program start?

We kick off this 5 month program October 1, 2022 running through February.

What if I can't attend all the calls live?

All the calls are recorded and replays are made available within 24 hours in case you miss a call or just want to review all the breakthrough conversations.

Are you ready to build a well run

and profitable agency?

Enrollment is OPEN for the Get Your Agency Together Group Coaching Program!

Click below to get started.

Do you have questions about if this is the program for you?

Book a call with me and I will be happy to answer them!

Building My Agency

Gave me the freedom to Have the business of my dreams

AND a Life

Hi, I'm Kelly Reynolds.

This is my dog Opie, and we are celebrating our wins on #bubbleFriday. And that sums up so much about me.

I have built the Reynolds OBM Agency over the last 6 1/2 years into a successful 6 figure agency. But it can't be all work, or you start to forget what your family looks like. It's so important to build a business that fits into your life, not the other way around.

After a long time in NYC with a career on Wall Street (and a terrible commute), I wanted to create a business where I had the freedom to work when I wanted, spend time with my family and still grow the business of my dreams.

Now I live at the beach in NJ with my husband Brian, my son Lincoln and Opie because there needs to be time for paddleboarding and bubbles in my life.

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